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Welcome to the WCTS Hypnosis/Hypnosis Sessions Page.

Home of Certified ADVANCED Ericksonian Hypnotists 


We are excited about offering this service as a self-improvement tool to those who are interested.  I become interested in hypnosis back in the mid-1980s while serving in the U.S. Air Force. While studying some of the "Project Warrior" reading program materials, I learned that the U.S.A and the U.S.S.R had attempted to use hypnosis as a potential spy technique but both nations later gave up the programs.  The U.S.S.R continued to develop hypnosis and at one point was the world leader in the medical areas. They advanced to the extent that the famous French obstetrician Dr. Fernand LaMaze traveled to Russia and studied and developed the Lamaze system used in developing his birthing techniques and related pain mitigation/control, pain-free birth techniques, and systems still in use today. The U.S.S.R demonstrated its expertise by teaching and applying hypnosis techniques to their Olympic athletes for the world stage of the competition. They have remarked over time that this made a significant difference in the performances of their athletes and history has proved this to be true.

Hypnosis has been approved for medical use. It is an alternative to traditional medicine. On April 23, 1955, the British Medical Association (BMA) approved the use of hypnosis in the areas of psychoneuroses and hypnotic anesthesia in pain management during childbirth and surgery. The British currently have strong hypnosis programs and are leaders in training as well. They, the BMA also advised all physicians and medical students to receive basic training in hypnosis.

In 1958 the American Medical Association (AMA) approved the use of hypnosis and encouraged continued research on the topic. In 1987 however, the AMA rescinded their approval as hypnosis is not a medical procedure and they, therefore, did feel a need to comment on it. The AMA since 1987 had had no policy on hypnosis.  Some treatment providers use hypnosis and other alternative techniques in their practice.  The AMA in their decision in 1987, seemingly went to pains to acknowledge that they rescinded almost all their previous approvals across many areas of interest dating as far back as 1891.  Hypnosis they said was not the target but it was one of the many areas caught up in a massive "housecleaning" effort by the AMA of rescinding previous nonmedical "approvals" that had been issued over a period of many years. This allowed them to simply get back to approving or disapproving direct medically-related issues and procedures within their professional domains.


I have personally used hypnosis in my personal life to control pain.  I had a shoulder separation from my basketball playing days.  The pain would often be quite intense and I grew tired of taking pain medications.  I learned and used hypnosis (self-hypnosis) with great success.  I also had some serious pains in my knees from playing college and semi-pro basketball and the condition was worsened by some of my military training.  I used hypnosis to control and mitigate the pain while I rehabilitated my knees which are now pain-free.  I know this stuff WORKS. If it did not, I would not offer it as a service. If you want to learn to use your mind to help control your pain and discomforts, hypnosis can and will work. 

There are other times when I just can't seem to be able to fall asleep. Quick self-induction allows me to drift into a deep, restful sleep.  Experts rate 15 minutes of hypnosis as equal to 4 hours of sleep.

Finally, I have used hypnosis to help me recover lost items. There have been several times, despite my attempts to be a very orderly person,  I have misplaced or "lost" items. I have looked at all the places I can think of to no avail, then I have used hypnosis to review my last having the item.  I have an amazing success rate of recovering the items.  The one instance I did not recover was some notes that I believe were accidentally thrown away.


Some people believe hypnosis to be strange, unusual, and unnatural fearing they lose control of their minds.  HYPNOSIS is nothing more than receiving suggestions, pre-approved suggestions in your subconscious mind.  If you have ever made a purchase in response to an advertisement you were hypnotized. If you have ever read a book, any book, and accepted the themes and advice within that book, you were hypnotized. If you have ever been to church and responded to the preacher's suggestions or were moved into a worshipful mood by the praise team, you have been hypnotized.  Do you remember the old television and radio commercial that said "A mind is a terrible thing to waste!"   I have learned and you have heard that the mind is the most powerful resource we have, therefore; "Your mind is a terrible thing to waste".  I have also learned it, the mind is the most wasted resource we have, not oil, not coal, not gas, not trees, etc.  At West Central Texas Services we have over 140 ways that hypnosis/hypnotherapy might help you in your self-improvement desires. With proper instructions and your willingness to follow them, your mind can and will create the changes in your mind and body that you desire.  Yes, your strong mind is a very, very powerful tool for you to use.

Many people if not most see themselves as victims of bad luck, problems, and circumstances. They allow the problems to run them rather than running the problems themselves. They further tend to believe that most or all of their problems (whatever they might be) are caused and/or aggravated by circumstances beyond their control. The truth is; all of our problems have solutions and the knowledge of these solutions is present within us.  However, if we never look for these solutions, they might very well not be found. Within all of us, there is a place where we know the answers to most if not all the questions/dilemmas we face and want to overcome. This part is often hidden, well-hidden within ourselves but not so well as to be inaccessible to ourselves. Many times our perceived problems are simply a matter of us not focusing or choosing to focus. Hypnosis is intense and increases focus. We can find the answers and in finding them we will come to realize that the most important things ever said or communicated to us, whether positive or negative, are said and communicated by our own inner selves.  WCTS hypnosis services can help you with your inner thoughts, conversations, and scripts.  

You see, the only thing strange, unusual, and unnatural about hypnosis is why are people not using it to better develop themselves and their minds and change and take control of their lives.

When you consider your own goals, your desires, your ambitions, and your own wants and needs; as well as every other person's, all these things are created in the mind first. As a matter of fact, everything is first created in the mind, as we often think in pictures which we then describe in words, spoken or unspoken. Those words then become real objects or realities in our life. When God decided (thought) to create the world, He spoke (words) and the world (real object) was formed. 

In law enforcement, we talk about everything happening at least twice, once in the mind and again in reality.  You see, the mind is the key to EVERYTHING, we can not separate our thinking from our actions because our actions are a result of our thinking.  As a man or woman thinks, so they become.  West Central Texas Services through Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy services can help you train your mind and direct and focus your mind on your desired goals and your strong mind will do the work.  The Holy Bible speaks often about the mind and thinking and how it affects our reality both spiritually and physically.  WCTS offers sessions with some of the related Scriptures referenced and used for those clients who desire Scripture references within their scripts. 

I often describe hypnosis as setting an alarm clock.  Once set you to know it is set and you remember the time.  When the alarm sounds, the clock does not force you to get up but merely makes a suggestion, repeatedly. I often have people tell me that hypnosis is mind control and they fear being under the control of another person.  The truth is hypnosis has no more control over a person than the alarm clock. Ironically, I recently spoke with a woman who told me she never uses an alarm clock anymore because she wakes up by habit daily after many years of practice. This is simply a habit and habits are controlled by the subconscious mind. Hypnosis is the setting of your subconscious mind to achieve a desired task with the agreement and consent of you, your conscious mind, and your critical mind. You see, the subconscious mind reminds your conscious mind repeatedly of the desired goal or task. There is nothing that forces a person to give up control or dignity. You see, most of our habits, good or bad are residing in our subconscious mind. We acknowledge with our conscious mind the need to change or improve and we make our critical judgments but we can not make long-term changes with the conscious mind. Hypnosis deals directly with the subconscious mind where the problems actually lie and therefore deals with the issues much more effectively. Hypnosis allows a person to rapidly start a new habit or end an old one. Your subconscious mind makes repeated suggestions to you and as you act on these suggestions, your desired behavior becomes stronger and stronger toward your desired goals. The mind and the exercise it is like a muscle, the more used, the stronger it becomes. As you develop and strengthen new habits, these new habits develop and strengthen into a new lifestyle of your choosing.

There is no doubt that Americans have come to depend on drugs for everything, from sleeping at night to actually feeling awake in the morning. We depend on drugs to diet, to face our bosses and others, from traveling; planes, cars, etc to having sex and relaxation. We all know that drugs are rarely the solution to our challenges. By exposure to hypnosis and hypnotic techniques, we can develop and experience tailored solutions to our specific needs and begin to have and use that clear access to the power, yes great power we already possess within us. 

People often ask and question if they can be hypnotized not understanding that we all are in some state of hypnosis several times a day.  Anyone of average intelligence, able and willing to follow some simple instructions can be effectively hypnotized.  We have worked effectively with eighty-year-old skeptics dealing with cravings for alcohol and big burly military intel types who also doubted, to teenagers who had sleeping and some eating issues. They all went into hypnosis quickly and easily, enjoyed the experience, and were amazed at how relaxing and effective it was. We look forward to serving you and yours as well. 

I have been asked by some just what hypnosis and investigation have in common.  At one point, I considered becoming a Certified Forensic Hypnotist to assist with criminal investigations. I was able to go to several high-level interview and interrogation schools that taught memory enhancements without hypnosis. Further, I found that forensic hypnosis was seldom used when I located someone with the certification.  Not what I wanted. I also found that the certification classes are few and hard to find as none that I have enrolled in had enough students to make the class. Finally, I have a fellow retired police officer associate who told me he was certified 30 years ago but seldom used the training. He suggested it might very well not be an efficient use of the money. I agreed.

If you have questions or comments please email: jamesjohnson@allwcts.com    



At WCTS we are Certified Advanced Ericksonian Hypnotists Professionals trained in self-improvement hypnosis. We are not medical doctors/psychologists/psychiatrists/counselors and we do not treat medical and mental health illnesses. We leave that to those professionals trained for those various medical and mental health issues. We are able to assist in some areas as allowed by those professionals.  In our pursuing and obtaining the Ericksonian training and certification, we have obtained what many consider to be a "medical grade" of hypnosis training. Dr. Milton Hyland Erickson was an American psychologist and psychiatrist specializing in medical hypnosis and family therapy. He is noted for his approach to the unconscious mind as being creative and solution-generating. Also be believed in brief therapy, solution-focused brief therapy, and neuro-linguistic programming. We are extremely well trained in hypnosis and the application of hypnotic techniques that are used in a wide variety of ways to bring about changes for self-improvement. This can include some changes as directed and approved by medical professionals.  While we are able to and do use hypnosis for practically any self-improvement goal we have picked four areas in which to specialize. They are Weight Loss, Smoking Cessation, Hypnotic Pain Relief, and Sports Improvement.  This means we have obtained extra, more advanced training beyond our original basic and advanced training to become better able to help our clients as a result. WCTS uses the traditional hypnosis principles developed over many many years and centuries and by the widely acknowledged leaders in hypnosis research and development rather than some little-known proprietary system. Training, like most college sciences, consists of both lecture and lab work. I will list some information about each of these specialized programs below. I must emphasize that these are indeed programs, not one-time sessions.

Weight Loss Programs:

Our weight loss programs have been extremely successful. We are now a Certified Hypnosis and Weight Loss Specialist. To date, every person who has enrolled and followed their self-approved and customized scripts and programs has lost weight.  Just relax and let your mind do the work.  I have been told by clients that they did not consciously change anything but yet lost weight without exercise, dieting, expensive special diets, or expensive and dangerous drugs. We do advocate a healthy lifestyle as well but that's best left to you and your body or your other chosen specialist. Imagine and see yourself being the person you want to be, wearing the clothes you want to wear, and feeling the way you want to feel. This is usually a four or five-session program based on helping you change your habits over a 21 to 28-day period.  Psychologists say we can start to develop a new habit in 21 to 30 days, we use this information along with hypnosis to help you change your habits and therefore your lifestyle so the weight does not return as often happens when you stop a special diet or stop taking a special drug. WCTS can help you get there from where you are now. CALL NOW!!!  325-277-9325

Smoke Cessation Programs:

We understand that smoking and tobacco use are very complicated habits and more importantly very harmful habits. The cessation of these habits can and will greatly increase one's health and well-being. We also understand that breaking habits and especially these habits for some people can be very difficult.  Research has shown that hypnosis and one other therapy (nicotine patch, gum, prescription drug, etc) are most effective in becoming a non-smoker.  WCTS employs a habit replacement technique to help those who are ready to stop smoking quickly and enjoy life as a non-smoker and the benefits thereof. We currently are offering a four-stage smoking cessation program for those who are ready to quit smoking. At the outset of the program, we help you determine why you smoke and we tailor the program from there.  Also, our habit replacement system eliminates the feared weight gain for some people. Our programs also are based to a large extent on information from the American Cancer Society. If you are ready to live the healthier life of a non-smoker, please call WCTS ASAP.  325-277-9325


Hypnotic Pain Relief Programs: (might require your doctor's approval)

Pain management is what caused me to consider and study hypnosis. I too was a bit skeptical. I now KNOW it works in this area. The best endorsement I can give is the usage of pain management techniques on myself and my family.  It has also proven to be effective with migraine headaches especially.  Pain is a mysterious subject and this mystery sometimes interrupts care and treatment but pain experts including some in the medical community believe that 75 to 80% of our pain is self-created and can be self-eliminated.  Most of our pain is caused by tension and can be reduced by relaxation techniques. Our studying has taught us the more effective ways hypnosis can be used for a reduction in pain. We here at WCTS have completed not only advanced training in pain management hypnosis but we have and continue to study pain through courses offered through various sources to learn more about pain and how to control it. If you are having problems with pain, we can and will help you learn to relax the pain away.  We can and will teach you pain-relieving techniques as well. CALL TODAY.  325-277-9325

Sport Improvement Programs:  

I played sports in the days of the "skull sessions" but I did not realize this was really a type of hypnosis; concentrated focus.  Sports improvement hypnosis can help with confidence, motivation, and execution in the performance of your chosen sport.  Experts state that hypnosis provides a minimum of a 15% increase in strength, speed and jumping ability.  This is often enough of a difference for equally prepared athletes to determine between winning an event and losing.  Some notable professional sports stars who have used their own personal hypnotist (counselors) are Tiger Woods (golf), Wayne Gretsky (hockey), and Mike Tyson (boxing).  Some major colleges and universities use sports visualization techniques (hypnosis) as well.  I also know that the late Dallas Cowboys coach Tom Landry used the techniques in the team and individual player preparation. Our programs teach you to use hypnosis on three levels to increase your performance.  If you are looking to improve your sports performance or the performance of your sports team, call WCTS so we can develop a program for and with you. CALL NOW!!!!!!   325-277-9325


If you have questions or comments please email:businessoffice@allwcts.com



146 Ways Hypnosis/Hypnosis Sessions might help YOU

  1. Self-confidence   2. Motivation   3. Self-image   4. Stress   5. Anger   6. Frustration 

  7. Worry   8. Guilt   9. Forgiveness   10. Nail biting   11.Anxiety  12. Assertiveness   13. Public

 speaking   14. Memory   15. Concentration   16. Lower blood pressure   17. Smoking

 18. Stage fright   19. Reach goal 20. Procrastination   21. Change habits   22. Improve

 sales  23. Attitude adjustment  24. Career success   25. Examination anxiety  

 26. Relationship enhancement   27. Hair twisting 28. Nausea   29. Surgical recovery 

 30. Tardiness  31. Gambling   32. Performance anxiety   33. Perfectionism   34. Lack of

 initiative   35. Self-expression   36. Helplessness   37. Hopelessness   38. Overly critical  

 39. Negativism  40. Death or loss   41. Weight loss   42. Substance abuse   43. Study habits 

 44. Fears   45. Phobias   46. Insomnia   47. Pain management   48. Sports   49. Stuttering  

 50. Fear of dentists  51. Fear of doctor  52. Fear of surgery   53. Assist in healing  

 54. Impotency   55. Childbirth 56. Sexual problems   57. Agoraphobia (fear of open areas) 

 58. Obsessions 59. Passive-Aggressive   60. Obsessive-Compulsive   61. Relaxation  

 62. Addictions   63. Improve health   64. Bedwetting 65. Sleep disorders   66. Skin problems

 67. Medication side effects           68. Premature ejaculation   69. Inhibitions   70. Fear of

 flying 71. Fear of heights   72. Fear of water   73. Fear of animals 74. Communication  

 75. Self-defeating habits   76. Self-criticism 77. Irritability   78. Pessimism   79. Controlling

 80. Social phobia 81. Panic attacks  82. Temptations   83. Hypochondria   84. Self-awareness 

 85. Aggression   86. Self-esteem 87. Self-blame 88. Hostility 89.Moodiness 90. Overeating 

 91. Age regression   92. Past life regression   93. Irrational thoughts   94. Lack of enthusiasm

 95. Lack of direction   96.Ulcers   97. Writer's block   98. Tics   99. Abandonment 

 100. Exercise   101. Cravings   102. Creativity   103. Trauma   104. Fear of school  

 105. Problem-solving 106. Chronic pain 107. Hypertension   108. Resistance  

 109. Responsibility   110. Self-forgivness   111. Thumb sucking  112. Stubborn  

 113. Irrational   114. Discouraged   115. Fear of loss of control   116. Fear of failure  

 117. Fear of success   118. Lack of ambition   119. Self-control 120. Inferiority     

 121. Superiority   122. Jealousy   123. Rejection    124. Shame   125. Indecision  

 126. Resistance to change 127. Self-hypnosis 128. Restlessness  129. Sadness

 130. Insecurity  131. Mistrust 132. Victimization   133. Anesthesia   134. Biofeedback 

 135. Pre-surgical  136. Post-surgical   137. Cramps   138. Gagging   139. Dreams  

 140. Nightmares 141. Headaches   142. Immune system   143. Fear of death  144. Relaxation 

 145. Breathing  146. Self-mastery  



 What to expect in a hypnosis session at WCTS

During your first session, you will be interviewed as to what and why you want to employ hypnosis.  Hypnosis is not a magic bullet and unrealistic expectations will be challenged and/or rejected. Once the expectations are agreed upon, you will be given paperwork to help you specifically determine your goals and motivations for any self-improvement changes you desire.  These goals, motivations, etc will be discussed and ranked and ordered in terms of most important to least.  This helps identify and increase the area of focus for the hypnosis. The more focused, the more effective the sessions will be.

After the goals and motivations have been identified, a series of tests, called suggestibility tests will be conducted to determine the best and most effective technique to use hypnosis with you. As part of the paperwork mentioned above, suggestibility questionnaires may be considered as well.  (Those who have pain complaints will have a little more paperwork still in pain charts, etc.) Once we have determined the best technique for you, we will begin and do a general ad-lib session based on the information you provided. Once the session is over, you will be again interviewed for feedback to make the subsequent sessions more effective. The subsequent sessions are scheduled every three to seven days apart.

The subsequent sessions will be based on a script that has been customized for you based on the information you provided about your goals and desires and any feedback from the first session. Each session will begin with a short interview as to your experiences from the previous week or session and how you moved toward your goal(s). We are very much interested in your progress. Adjustments to the scripts will be made as needed and become part of the next script to help speed you on your way to achieving your goals. After three to four sessions, we usually see good results, in fact usually good enough to stop the sessions.  Some issues can be resolved in fewer sessions. We have had very good success with eating disorders, stress reduction, some pain management, and sleep disorders.  

After your second session, you will be provided with a copy of your script and instructions to help you maximize your results and greatly increase your success. There will be a small amount of homework (primarily reading or consciously reviewing or thinking about your script and goals) to do each day to help you stay focused and move toward your success.

After the second session, the subsequent sessions will be a repeat of the second session with adjustments being made as needed per information gained during the week and the pre-session interview. The goal is to provide longer and deeper periods of hypnosis and more effective and lasting results.

Our sessions are generally two hours for the first session due to the interviews and paperwork. The subsequent sessions are then one-hour sessions.

If you have any questions, please call.  Leave a message if necessary.  325-277-9325.










Jesus said to him, “If you can believe,[a] all things are possible to him who believes.”