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How to Order from this Page

1. Determine what services you desire.

2. Contact WCTS to discuss and confirm service feasibility.

3. Obtain the date, time, location, quote, and payment method for service delivery.

4. Complete the contract (if needed).

5. Make payment/deposit as agreed. To make your payment, do the following: 

a. Select a service from the pulldown menu.

b. Click the " Buy Now" button.

c. In the "Item Price" area, list the price quoted to you in #3 above.

d. In the "Quantity" area, put the number of units (polygraphs, hours, etc) that you are paying for. Use whole numbers only.

e. Click on the "Update" button for your total.

6. Honor agreement.



Canceled appointments require at least eight hours' notice for a deposit refund. Appointments not honored or canceled in a timely manner will be subject to a $55.00 per diem rate plus any related expenses.




WCTS Service Options Menu

Option 1-Polygraph Services - use for any polygraph-related service-CALL FOR QUOTE 325-277-9325.

Option 2-Hypnosis Services/Hypnosis Sessions - use for any hypnosis service rates are as agreed upon.

Option 3-Other Services - all services agreed upon that are not explicitly listed =rates are as agreed on. 



Special Note

WCTS also offers Gift Certificates for our services.  If you know someone who may need our services but are reluctant to "make that step, " help them with a WTCS Gift Certificate. Call for details.




WCTS provides free consultations and we are available for speaking engagements. Please call for booking.