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Types of Polygraphs


Thank you for visiting our webpage.  Before we offer you anything, we want to assure you that ANY services we offer will be done so completely CONFIDENTIAL.


What is a Polygraph? 

According to the U. S. Department of Labor, the definition of a polygraph is as follows:

 1. A lie detector includes a polygraph, deceptograph, voice stress analyzer, psychological stress evaluator or similar device (whether mechanical or electrical) used to render a diagnostic opinion as to the honesty or dishonesty of an individual.

2. A polygraph  means an instrument that records continuously, visually, permanently, and simultaneously changes in cardiovascular, respiratory and electrodermal patterns as minimum instrumentation standards and is used to render a diagnostic opinion as to the honesty or dishonesty of an individual

 What We Offer to You

 We offer you professionally administered polygraph examinations in a professional environment. We offer you fast, courteous service. We use only modern, computerized polygraph equipment and software.  Limestone Polygraph Suite equipment and software packages are considered by many in the business as the very best. We are extremely proud of our extensive, high level of training and top-notch equipment. We are here to serve you. When we can be of service, please contact us. As an independent polygraph examiner, our products and services are intended to be different and separate from police polygraph in time, place, manner and procedure but not in quality.    

  Why WCTS Polygraph???

 Daily responsibilities, commitments, and errands can chip away at a quality time until it seems all that's left is working, worrying, eating and sleeping.  Lies, cheating and deceptive relationships; whether business or personal further erode your joy, your happiness and your peace of mind during what should be your quality time.  West Central Texas Services, a professional company, like a best friend can help you out by taking care of some of those little things that add up to hours of frustration and lost time every day. We understand that too often, the major stress comes from our closest relationships and robs us of our focus.  We will help you end the endless worry and doubts in your valuable relationships.

 Our services can assist you, your family and/or business in helping you manage your personal or professional life.  A professional consultant is on hand to help address the endless questions, concerns, doubts and time-consuming worries that take away from your valuable time, effort and energy. You know, I can remember back when I was a young, self-centered and callous college student.  My mom would often tell me how important it was to care about other people and share some of their burdens.  Serving in the military and especially serving in law enforcement really helped me learn to care about others.  Yes, WCTS really does care about helping you and yours find good honest solutions. CALL TODAY.  

 If you even think you want Truth Verification or Lie Detection Services, then you NEED West Central Texas Services. Call  Office Cell (325) 277-9325 to learn more about our services. RECLAIM your peace of mind.

 *******WCTS offers free consultations. We recently provided a free question list to a party who later called back and told us of a confession they obtained from their spouse by using the list of questions provided.  We LOVE to help.  We are also available for speaking engagements and limited demonstrations.*******

 Call (325)277-9325 for more INFORMATION. 

  Who can use WCTS Polygraph Services?



 *Law Enforcement Agencies

 *Private Citizens


*Bails Bondsmen



*Public Service Agencies



*Business Owners


 *Insurance Agents

 *Business Customer/Clients

 *Home Health Care (issues)

 *Spouses/Significant Others

 *Sporting Event Directors


 *Students (behavior)

 *Truck drivers/Trucking companies

 and many, many more

 Businesses can and should polygraph before making key hires and/or promotions. Most businesses can easily verify the history of their employees and promotees for a small fraction of the annual salary they are going to pay.  Let WCTS help you achieve efficiency, confidence, assurance, and peace of mind in those you trust your valuable business decisions to. VERIFY.Cool


Landlords can and should polygraph questionable tenants and/or their behavior. Avoid potential devastating losses, VERIFY. 


Honesty is or at least should be at the foundation of every relationship whether the relationship is of a business or personal nature.  Being aware of a person's true intentions or motives is valuable information and can save us money, time, effort, pain and suffering.  When you know the other person's true intent, you have the power to take control of the situation or at least limit your exposure to being taken advantage of by others.

We often extend trust to others before they have earned it. Our society depends on each of us extending that trust; storeowners extend trust to potential customers, drivers extend trust to their fellow drivers/travelers, the public extends trust to their public officials. A high level of trust is necessary in this world we live in.  We sometimes start to get signals as to whether our trust has been misplaced.  This is most destructive in our close relationships such as working relationships, close friends and love relations. We sometimes choose to not look or look away from looking deeper and make it easier for the person(s) to be and continue to be untruthful.

People lie for many and varied reasons, some reasons they might consider to be "good" reasons.  Everyone lies but nobody enjoys being lied to. Lies are more destructive when told to others but they can also be harmful when told to oneself.  We can't help people lying to themselves nor can we stop them from lying to others but we can and WCTS do offer to you, a partnership in helping you learn the truth and gaining control over the situation.  

If you would like the peace of mind from the lies and cheating in life, then; 

We offer and provide a wide variety of polygraph services as listed here:

Criminal Polygraphs (we do all types and all Texas jurisdictions)

Murder, arson, vandalism, sexual assault (rape), theft, robbery, molestation, etc.

Do YOU really believe you are treated innocent until proven Guilty? Let WCTS help you from the very start. Our criminal justice system sometimes lacks JUSTICE and many times it lacks common sense and reason.  Let WCTS help put justice and some semblance of reason BACK in your encounter with the Criminal Justice system.  CALL NOW.

Business and Civil Polygraphs

Insurance claims, hidden assets, accident/incident statement analysis, business and partner disputes, police and fire pre-employment, suspected employee theft, failed urinalysis, peer review and quality control. We also do questionable historical backgrounds and polygraphs for prospective employees and/or promotees.  Human Resources often do not answer ALL the questions of concern, let WCTS help you get the answers you want, need and deserve. CALL.

Personal Polygraphs

Past history, education, background verification, gambling, drug abuses, alcohol abuse, infidelity issues, physical abuse issues/history, cheating spouses, marital disputes, family issues, property separation disputes, pre-martial history issues, immigration/asylum issues relating to citizenship application and re-testing of individuals who have failed previous examinations. These issues are often issues that cause great stress and uncertainty in relationships.  This stress can increase when only one party is interested in being and showing they are honest and committed to their relationships.  If you are having trouble receiving the assurances of honesty and commitment you want, need and deserve in your relationship, CALL WCTS for help. 

Sports, Contests and Tournaments Polygraphs

Fishing contests, hunting contests, golfing contests, bodybuilding and beauty contests, and other competitive events. Sporting Events are not only big sporting attractions but many are BIG MONEY events.  Too often this brings in those looking to cheat, steal and deceive.  Event Directors need to have a system of checks and balances in place. A polygraph examination will help provide peace of mind and help weed out those looking to deceive.  CALL WCTS for help.

Military-related Polygraphs

UMCJ, discharge, demotion, restrictions, classified information, spousal abuse, recruiting/questionable recruits, drug/alcohol abuse, government property damage/abuse,  etc. (Recruiters, call for a unique way to employ polygraph examination at no cost to you.)



NOTE: WCTS can and will do bona fide charity events with ample notice.  Some are done for free for only the experience and good-will while others are done for donations only.  If you have questions please contact WCTS for more information. WCTS reserves the right to determine which events to serve as a charity.

Of Note: WCTS recently was contracted to provide truth verification services for the largest fishing tournament in the country, and we were contracted for the following year as well.  We appreciate the trust and confidence demonstrated in us. This tournament paid well over $100,000.00 in cash and prizes. 



A Note to Employers regarding the use of Polygraph Examinations

Employers, you have certain limitations on when you can use polygraph examination with employees.  Under the Employee Polygraph Protection Act of 1988 , you may utilize polygraph in the following situations.

1. Employees who are reasonably suspected of involvement in a workplace incident that results in economic loss to the employer and who had access to the property that is subject of an investigation; and

2. Prospective employees of armored car, security alarm, and security guard firms who protect facilities, materials or operations affecting health or safety, national security, or currency and other like instruments; and

3. Prospective emplyees of pharmaceutical and other firms authorized to manufacture, distribute, or dispense controlled substances who will have direct access to such controlled substances, as well as current employees who had access to persons or property that are the subject of an ongoing investigation.

Employers, as you can see, you CAN use polygraph services, let WEST CENTRAL TEXAS SERVICES show you how and at reasonable rates.

Many employers who have security and/or honesty issues with employees just want to learn the truth of the matter quickly without outside police involvement. Everyone makes mistakes and some are more serious than others but all are not to be considered as criminal. Let WEST CENTRAL TEXAS SERVICES quickly, discreetly and confidently help you with your delicate internal matters and at reasonable rates.

"OTHER" Polygraph Services

Other "polygraph" services offered and included in WCTS services are the following:

1. Kinesic Interviewing considered to be a type of "behavioral polygraph" based on body movements.

2. Statement analysis considered to be a type of "verbal polygraph" based on the words, written and/or spoken of the individual. For more see the Statement Analysis page on this site.


We will be developing a whole new page dedicated solely to our Other Services soon. You WILL be astounded at some of the other useful services we offer. Please visit again soon. For now, we will list some of the other services we offer under our "Truth Verification" services.  We offer:

Research Interviews - we help gather information and data as requested by individuals and/or businesses. We are currently working with a major U.S. government agency.

Secret Shopping Services - we perform secret shops to observe for integrity issues as well as shops to check for customer service.  We have significant experience as independent contractors with some of the largest Secret Shopping companies in America. Not only have we learned the trade but added a local flavor also. Call if we can be of service.

A Note to Government Employers and Employees

Federal, state and local governments are excluded from and exempt from the Employee Polygraph Protection Act of 1988.  In addition, lie detector tests administered by the Federal Government to employees of Federal contractors engaged in national security intelligence or counterintellience functions are exempt.

Government Employers, as you can see, governments at ALL levels may use polygraph examinations.  Let WEST CENTRAL TEXAS SERVICES help you use this tool and at reasonable rates.

Delivery of Services

Here I will briefly describe what a polygraph consists of.  Many believe a polygraph consists of simply attaching the attachments and asking questions.  Too many are misled by the television culture of quick and easy.  There are at least seven clear and distinct steps to be taken before a polygraph test is administered.  These steps are all designed to ensure the quality and accuracy of the polygraph examination.  This is often a time-consuming and even stressful period of time where the issues are discussed and "boiled" down to a few questions with yes/no answers.  Many disciplines come into play (psychology, physiology, interviewing) at this point of the examination. Once the issues and questions have been understood and  thoughly discussed, then and only then should the polygraph test be administered. Once the questions are set, then come the actual instructions for physically taking the test.   In fact, a "practice polygraph test" should be administered before the actual "real polygraph" to make sure the test subject can/will follow instructions. Once all is in order, the test should be completed and the results discussed. You should expect to spend at least 90 minutes and probably more for a polygraph examination.  We also do audio and video recordings at an additional fee.

We provide services by appointment. We are currently available from 9:00 a.m until 5:00 p.m with 3:00 p.m. being the last appointment time.  We also offer services on the weekends. We can and will accept short term appointments when possible. We pride ourselves on fast, professional, ethical, and fair service. Please contact us when we can be of service to you.

If you determine that you need poygraph services or just need to discuss the possible employment of polygraph please contact us.  We offer and provide free consultation but requires a more indepth interview to define the issues once the decision to polygraph has been made.  Please contact us if you have any questions.  We have a love for people and WE LOVE TO HELP. CALL.

Please contact us for scheduling, rates and/or references. We can and will conduct examinations at your location (if suitable) or at our professional office.

We travel to a 150 mile radius of San Angelo, Texas.  We will and often do travel further but are required to charge reasonable expenses.  Also, jobs requiring more than one day are subject to reasonable expenses.  New accounts require a 25% to 50% deposit unless otherwise agreed. Invoicing available. Remember, we LOVE to help and we are flexible to help YOU. CALL.

A Word about Polygraph Appointment Cancellations: When we have scheduled and confirmed an appointment within the San Angelo city limits a two hour notice of cancellation is required.  If the appointment is outside the city limits but within Tom Green County a four hour notice of cancellation is required. Cancellation is required by telephone (voice) communication.  Appointments outside Tom Green County require a 24 hour notice of cancellation. When cancellations are not made in a timely manner, the subject scheduling the appointment will be invoiced as follows:  Inside San Angelo city limits, = 1 day per diem @ $60.00; in Tom Green County = $ 75.00 if travel is started, otherwise $60.00 per diem; outside Tom Green County = forfeiture of deposit and if travel is started invoice for related expenses.  

Please contact us with any questions or concerns.  THANK YOU!!!!!

Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth (2 Timothy 2:15).