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What is Statement Analysis?

Statement Analysis is a systematic process of examining a person’s words to determine exactly what the writer is saying. Statement Analysis is important in that often the writer/speaker is not being totally honest or clear in their communication efforts.  This can and often does include determining if the writer is being truthful or deceptive as well as discovering additional information being withheld from the statement. I believe the best description would be Linguistic Forensic Analysis with a breakdown as follows:

Linguistic- words, language, or communications that can be written or spoken,

Forensic- means to compare. To have a forensic analysis you must have something to compare it with and to.  In conducting a forensic analysis, the writer's or speaker's words are compared to his or her other words within the same document. This can include the usage of words and how those words might change in the document and why.  (Example: use of the words car and vehicle).

Analysis- a written and/or spoken presentation of the findings of a study.

Other names/terms used to describe Statement Analysis:

Content analysis, SCAN(Scientific Content Analysis), Discourse Analysis, Linguistic Forensics, Linguistic Interrogation, Forensic Linguistic Analysis, etc. 

Yes, like other things in life, there are many names for the same subject. Often there are some subtle differences but all systems seek to analyze a statement, on a systematic basis, to determine what is being expressed in a written document or a spoken statement.  Some systems circle, some underline, some color-code, and more.  Some use computer software versions; ALL seek the same objective, to reveal what is really being said within a written document or even an oral statement.


Uses for Statement Analysis

Jury selection, report reviews, review of statements, witness interviewing, internal theft detection, officer safety, job interviews, personal ads, commercial advertising, personal communications, video and audio interviews, crime scene and cold case reconstruction,  transcripts, etc.


WCTS Statement Analysis Services

We offer and provide professional Statement Analysis services as well as professional interview services.  Our Statement Analysis services offers a scientific and systematic analysis of a written, verbal, emailed or other statement.  The analysis is line by line and in some cases word by word.  The statement is evaluated on over a dozen factors to include factors such as truthfulness or deception, emotion, planning, intent, and involvement.  This service is revealing and effective and extremely cost effective as well.  This service(basic) is included with our polygraph services when possible but is also offered as a stand-alone service.  I recommend this service HIGHLY as it is extremely effective in the business environment.  CALL US TODAY to learn how this tool can be put to use by you and for your peace of mind.

You will find Statement Analysis similar to other forms of detecting deception in goals but very different in approach.  The analyst will establish what is normal (norm) and in the analysis look for and identify abberations or deviations from what has been established as normal. Once the analyst have identified the differences, they then analyze why those differences or changes took place as well as where they took place within the proscribed boundaries of Statement Analysis training.

We have all been taught right and wrong.  We all have established a lie pattern from about the age of seven years of age.  Most people will not just tell the obvious, flatout lie but they will mix in bits and pieces of the truth with bits and pieces of untruths.  Statement Analysis in the proper hands is an effective tool to identify those pieces of truth and what is missing as well as identify the untruths.

This process is especially useful in that it is non-invasive.  Most any written document can be evaluated without the writer even knowing.  Statement Analysis has been proven effective in employment related deception, whether deceptive employment applications or internal loss incidents. Statement Analysis can be applied in cases when a traditional polygraph is prohibited by law or just too expensive or time-consuming. For a polygraph the employee must be given notice and they must consent to a polygraph, not so with Statement Analysis. Also, with polygraph, the employee will miss time from work, possibly paid time but this is not necessary with the Statement Analysis process. Most employers already have in place a procedure for reporting internal losses by way of a written report or some form of written documentation. Those who do not have such a procedure can easily include a simple process of asking the employee to write an explanation of an incident. In most cases, it's this written documentation that can and should be subjected to analysis. Everyone have and uses two vocabularies, a truthful vocabulary and a deceptive vocabulary.  Words are simply written or spoken thoughts.  It's these words and thoughts are subject to analysis. WCTS can and will provide professional Statement Analysis services to and for you and at a reasonable cost too.  CALL US.

This is what WCTS offers to you through our professional Statement Analysis services:

-counseling and advice on how to proceed with the analysis (to include possible forms)

-a multi-level analysis of the document or statement

-a line by line and possibly word by word analysis with written comments

-a written list of clarifying or amplifying questions regarding areas of concern (to allow you to continue your investigation if you so choose)

-a written summary and opinion based on analysis regarding Deception or No Deception (or other concerns or interests such as intent, planning, involvement, etc) 

-our full support and explanation of findings and possible further recommendations  

NOTE: WCTS is now licensed to offer private investigation and civil process service and we conduct private investigations.  We do work with Henshaw Investigations  and will be happy to provide their information if you need private investigator services.


Who Uses Statement Analysis

Statement Analysis traditionally has been used only by the best of the best. It is now used by the FBI, the Secret Service, the CIA and many other federal agencies; it is also being used in some form by law enforcement agencies and military agencies throughout the US, Canada and Australia as well as by many bank and insurance investigators as well as private industry.

Our training and preparation has taught us to complete Statement Analysis on three levels, the  Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Levels.  We are able to squeeze all the meaning out of statements and we look forward to helping you.

I took my first course in Statement Analysis in 2001, shortly after attending Texas Department of Public Safety Polygraph School. Polygraph school was described as the most difficult law enforcement school but Statement Analysis was one of the most difficult courses I have ever taken as it required a huge shift in my way of thinking. Once I understood the principles, I must say I become very good at the application and received many recommendations and commendations from my instructors and other professionals.  I have since taken every relevant course I could and read every book I found on the subject.  I use and/or study Statement Analysis everyday in some way.  I KNOW this is an effective tool.  We at WCTS want you to know that lots of people have attended a school on Statement Analysis and received some training. Many schools now attempt to add a "taste" of statement analysis training but very FEW people have earned and obtained the title Linguistic Analyst Specialist. WCTS stands ready, willing and able to serve you. CALL US with your questions and/or service needs.